Jed Luckless Winter Tour 2021!

Jed’s 2021 Winter tour dates

Jed Luckless is an amazing songwriter and performer in the meta-verse Second Life and RL. His relaxed vibe and jammy style has earned him the nick name “Jammin’ Jed” amongst his fan base. Jed truly grabs the crowd, connecting the live energies and infusing the music with passionate jams, cosmic drum solos and atmospheric spaces. All of his shows are unique and well worth jamming at! I have been enjoying Jed’s shows since 2010 in Second Life. Definatly Owl Approved! 💜

You can catch these shows in Second Life or on facebook at The Jedstead! Keep an eye on Jed Luckless facebook page for landmarks and times.

Jed Luckless Original Music streamed Live online is home for Jed’s website and it is full of all Jed’s info including links to his full band and archives of so much music!

“For all its virtues, one thing the in-world music scene is hard pressed to recreate is the joy of watching a musician’s face and body language while they perform.

Jed Luckless has happened across a way to cater to those who miss this aspect of the experience – and without impacting the pleasure of those who don’t. His performances, as with most other Second Life musicians, take place on the grid, through the medium of his avatar, and his fans chat and dance and enjoy the informal atmosphere and respond to his comments throughout. But for those who need their eyes to enjoy the music as well as their ears, he offers the option of watching his Grateful Dead, Phish and Led Zeppelin-influenced brand of gravel-voiced rock live on a video stream.”

Willow Caldera of New World Notes

Here is Jed’s official anouncement.

See you at the shows! if you get lost hollar at me I can tp you.

oh and do not miss the January 30th show that is at Hippiestock and you do not want to miss this Event. more info on that later

~ Owl

2 thoughts on “Jed Luckless Winter Tour 2021!

  1. Whooooo!!! What a great Tour this will be! Jed’s talent as a musician and skills as a frontman for this tight band are truly extraordinary. ♪♥♫♥♪
    Last year was so difficult (to say the least) for so many and somehow though all that happened to fans and band in RL, JLB rocked our world, filled our isolated lives with music and connected us all… sharing their innovative LIVE SL/RL experience just when we needed them most. So YEAH… We can hardly wait!! We are so lucky to have the gift of sharing their jamming talent across the grid and the globe like a giant HUG of joy in the sight and sound of music, shared.
    ♪♥ Heartfelt thanks for Rocking Our Worlds, JLB ♥♫
    (Karma must have made that deck !!)

    Liked by 1 person

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