What do you see when you think of mystery? These Artists give you a glimpse at The Michiel Bechir Gallery in Second Life.

The Michiel Bechir Gallery is featuring  a new exhibit themed MYSTERY.

Each of the 4 artists invited present their own interpretation of what the word MYSTERY evokes in their work.

Michiel invited :

Michiel invited 
Igielka, ɈᵾSŦɨȻe Pedroɨa, ღßrαŧღ & Maaddi Benazzi

They responded to this question: “What do you see when you think of mystery ?”

Come join us to see how their work reflects this.

Opening Party September 12th 

10:30 am – 12:30 pm

DJ Tonya Bailey shares her fantastic taste in music.

Teleport toThe Michiel Bechir Gallery

Mystery Art Show: Opening Sept. 12th, 10.30 am
Flyer artwork by Tresore Prada


Igielka’s work has a fantasy feel to it invoking depths of misty moors and Icey magic. Making me feel the swirling mist and hear an Incantation, perhaps to help the Icy Princess from her shattered frozen frame.

Igielka on Flickr

ɈᵾSŦɨȻe Pedroɨa  

ɈᵾSŦɨȻe’s exhibited Art has a sensual quality to it. The wistful look in the portrait’s eye suggests a touch of sadness as does the back of the woman walking on water into the dark. What emotional depths lurk inside.

ɈᵾSŦɨȻe Pedroɨa on Flickr

Maaddi Benazzi 

Maaddi’s works share a fall vibe with October moving in. The repeat images containing crows give me the impression of spiritual or emotional change. Since the images have 2 crows n them I believe the change will be positive. 

Maaddi  on Flickr


ღßrαŧღ’s exhibit evokes passion. Her work though shown small in size is worth zooming in on.  The use of red and the “who dun it” piece suggest seedy though the Angel suggests saving grace. Obvousy a complex artist.

ღßrαŧღ on Flickr

ღßrαŧღ‘s blog

These Artists did a great job with this theme and each so differently!

Do go visit The Michiel Bechir Gallery and see for yourself!

your teleport

~ Owl

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