The Originals performing may 6th at Hoot Suite Art gallery!

The Originals – May 6th
2 hours – 4 Musicians

The O R I G I N A L S 
is a show case of Second Life’s finest original songwriters.

Featuring  : 
10am The Vinnie Show!
10:30am Zorch Boomhauer
11am Winston Ackland
11:30am Whirli Placebo

The Vinnie Show!
Vinnie aka Acoustic Rhapsody is an accomplished very talented Musician.
​His originals reflect his life and experiences sharing a glimpse of the man’s soul. Acoustic goodness.
Winner of 2016 Avi choice for Favorite Acoustic and Original songs.To catch Vinnie in second life see event listing he is playing a lot.
You can also check his Facebook page.
Also see his Website The Vinnie Show.

Zorch Boomhaur
Aka Jack Kingaree is a world class songwriter, he studied guitar with folk legend John Renbourn.
His song have been covered by such diverse artist as POL Arida and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 
“Jack is one of the most brilliant and prolific songwriters of our life time.” Zorch is booked through Music Speaks
You can hear more Zorch at ​​​Reverb Nation

Winston Ackland
Aka Bruce Lash has a varied musical career including his music being picked up for the movies. Bruce’s song All the way was used in Vodka Martini Productions Hells Gate. Bruce’s Prozak for Lovers II version of the Kurt Cobain penned Lithium was featured in the 20th Century Fox release Marley & Me.Winston’s newest albums can be found on Band Camp
To catch Winston in second Life see The Keys Management group.

Whirli Placebo
Whirli Placebo is the winner of 2015 Favourite Original Song Artist Avi Choice awards in Second Life
 “a slinky-toy of circles and curli-cues bouncing between fact and fiction and always fun.”
If Brian Wilson taught Tom Waits how to surf..the outcome may sound a little like Whirli Placebo” – Lee Gibson.
To hear Whirli placebo in Second Life watch events listings.
To see his newest Videos see his You tube page here

Original music and talented performers are alive and playing in Second Life 
Come on out and give a listen!
*Current Artist exhibiting Awesome Fallen
All at Hoot Suite Art Gallery
Click here your teleport

~ Owl 

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