Awesome Fallen shares her work in Bellisseria

Above photo of Awesome’s works Unfree & WE with my doll.

The past 4 weeks seem to have moved along really quick.
Awesome Fallen‘s Art has been a delight to host and comes down May 11 th.

Her work still makes me feel like I have stepped into a world where things are just a bit out of focus
making my mind tune in to a deeper view.
The surrealistic style of Awesome’s Art brings a very timely vibe as the world as a whole right now should be focusing and tuning in. I suppose you could say that about anytime but Now is always. A good place to start. 

With only 4 days left of this exhibit you need to get on over and see it at
Hoot Suite Art Gallery teleport
Awesome’s work really is intense and wild!

Passion, penalty rainbow
Above photo of Awesome Fallen’s Passion , Penalty & Rainbow with my doll.

What a wonderful way to dream and imagine.
Awesome Fallen’s profile states 
“…… just another wave in the ocean …….”
And wow if she is a wave it is one with quite the curl holding the ultimate surfing moment!

Soul - Awesome Fallen - May 11h
Soul by Awesome Fallen
Despair - Awesome Fallen - May 11th

Awesome has an exhibit at The Lost Unicorn Gallery
This beautiful Gallery
Features many Artist works you can see what they are up to on 
The Lost Unicorn Gallery Website Here
You can find more of what Awesome Fallen is up to
on her Flickr account here

Hoot Suite will be closed for 1 week as our new Artist gets her exhibit set up.
Check back here to see who and when.
Hoot Suite Art Gallery will re-open May 17th with our New Artist’s exhibit.

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