Awesome Fallen brings her visions to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.

REBORN by Awesome Fallen

Awesome Fallen brings her visions to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.
Exhibit April 13th – May 11th

Awesome Fallen’s profile states 
“…… just another wave in the ocean …….”
And wow if she is a wave it is one with quite the curl holding the ultimate surfing moment!

.....the flowing of my thoughts......
…..the flowing of my thoughts…… by Awesome Fallen

Surrealistic in style many of her images have a dream like vibe to them. 
Suggesting that the Artist has woken from a dream only to find the pieces influencing her life.
 Linking the dream world with reality.
Awesome’s vignettes show glimpses of moments, places, dreams, an idea.
Her style draws the viewer in creating their own story or glimpsing the Artists idea.
Awesome’s use of her medium and technical photography skills really create a vivid piece of work.  
I always feel like I have stepped through the door into a world inside Awesome’s mind when viewing her Art. Many pieces of her work make me feel like I have fallen through the looking glass.
​ Awesome’s work brings a smile to my face even the darker pieces as my mind tries to complete the story fill in the glimpse,, so much left to interpretation making her Art an interactive experience for the viewer. 
​Truly a pleasure!

Do stop by  for this exhibit April 13th through May 11th
Hoot Suite Art Gallery~Owl

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