Featured Exhibit : Charlie Namiboo at Eulennest Art Gallery

I am really enjoying the writing on Art Korner!

Art Korner

This exhibition of Charlie Namiboo’s portraits is housed at an incredible location – a gallery in the midst of nature on a picturesque island.

Eulennest Art Gallery is truly one of the most beautiful galleries I have been to. Literally translating to “Owl’s Nest“, it is set on a rather scenic, small island. We enter this compact but most pleasant gallery through an open-air restaurant overlooking the sea.

Most of Charlie Namiboo’s works that are showcased here are composed in black-and-white. In only a few of them, subtle hints and traces of specific colors have been used with great effect to enhance the tone of the image.

One of the biggest challenges in working without colors is that you have nothing to fall back on. Everything rests on your composition and the ability to evoke various moods using contrast. Charlie does this rather beautifully by bringing out even…

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Charlie’s reflections at Eulennest in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Eulennest Art Gallery: Charlie Namiboo

I first became acquainted with Charlie Namiboo as a result of her involvement in the (long since retired) Frisland region, which I had the pleasure of documenting in these pages on a number of occasions in 2015 / 2016.

Back then we did joke that we had something in common: she referred to herself a the Typo Queen, and I had a habit of wearing a tag that read Kween of Tpyoland. However, and to my shame, it was only later that I became familiar with her work as an extremely talented photographer. So, it’s with a great deal of pleasure that I’m able to write about her latest exhibition of work, which opened at the start of April at Kitten Mills’ Eulennest Art Gallery.

Well, so you asked me about my reasons why I started taking pictures. I guess, it was the…

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Talking Over “Things” with Traci Ultsch

Traci interviewed bt Art. Korner!

Art Korner

Traci Ultsch gets candid as she talks about her latest exhibition “Things” with Dido Haas; she also opens up about her struggles with identity and how they have inspired and influenced her art.

“Can our life be summed up by the things we own?”

This was the question that got artists Traci Ultsch and Dido Haas thinking about which things in their life could be considered an inherent part of them. This talk sparked the creation of an incredible exhibition “Things” which is displayed at Dido’s Part of the Nitroglobus Gallery. It consists of eight brilliant works of art – four each by Dido and Traci.

“Dido and I try to do an extra exhibit each month”, says Traci, as we get talking. “We are close friends, and its always nice to work with her. She frees me up a bit and we bounce ideas off each other…

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Discover Whimsical Aristocrat’s Photography and take time to see her creative vision in Second Life.

Whimsical Aristocrat is one of the Artists in Residence at Campbell Coast Artists village. We are so happy to have her here!

Whimsical has been laughing, loving and shooting photos in Second Life since 2008, I met her in 2011 and have always been impressed with her wit, taste, style and brain. From her personality, appearance, passion and art she seems to encompass so many layers and lives her SL her way.

Whims is only loosely connected to reality, and while she has acquired many practical SL skills, she mostly wanders about and talks, cuddles, dances and takes photographs. My SL is littered with unfinished projects, but in most cases I’m completely at home with that mess. I could be described as an accident seeking a likely location, and it is through the many happy accidents in SL that I find new friends and new interests.” 

Whimsical Aristocrat
Protective By Whimsical Aristocrat

One of the things Whim’s is passionate about in Second Life is her photography. She has a wonderful talent for taking a SL model and using pose and lighting to convey an emotion be it whimsy, curiosity, sensuality or whatever her focus is at the time.  Her work is all class, sexuality and creative vision. She does a lot of this for the second life magazine Attention her photography can be seen in many issues since 2016.

Roman Chair By Whimsical Aristocrat

“Many of my images portray myself and my models’ sans clothing. Given the time and money I expend on buying clothes in SL, the choice to photograph subjects without clothes might indeed appear a bit whimsical. I have long been an admirer of artistic nude photography, and with advances in the lighting model and avatar appearance I feel the technical barriers between creation of realistic art nude images in second life and in that other life are collapsing. This creates the opportunity for me to explore the interplay of posed bodies with careful lighting, creating artistic images portraying emotional states. Recently I have also been interested in body augmentation, spurred on in part by some of the wonderful Meta Body avatars and the advent of mesh bodies, which for the first time give us some ability to create artistic hybrids. I am just beginning to explore this theme, so hopefully I will be showing at least one piece in this collection.”

from whimsical Aristocrat’s 2015 bio for “Naked” an exhibit at The Living Room
Asymmetrical By Whimsical Aristocrat

Current Whimsical Aristocrat work can be found:

In Attention Magazine

Whimsical’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast Artists Village


Do take the time to come to Campbell Coast and see her work!

~ Owl

Blues Rocker at Hoot Suite in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Hoot Suite Gallery: Blues Rocker, February 2021

The Linden Homes in Bellisseria lend themselves to many uses beyond that of home; people have turned them into clubhouses, pubs, cafés group meeting points, museums and galleries. In the latter regard they can be particularly attractive, in that their limited internal space means that they are ideal for what I’ve started calling “pocket exhibitions” – small exhibitions of art that are easy to visit and take in within a cosy environment and which don’t overwhelm visitors in terms of the size or number of pieces on display.

One of the people who has especially leveraged her Linden Home as a gallery space is the incredibly talented and giving Owl Dragonash. Having turned her home into the Hoot Suite Gallery, she uses it to invite artists from across Second Life to exhibit within in for a period of around a month, and…

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