9 Great Second Life Events at CSC in November!

November brings us eight events happening at Corsica South Coasters in Second Life.


Ambre Sing is at NovaOwl sky with her exhibit, 


The daily life of Ambre Singh.

This exhibit is open through November 27, you can read more in these reviews:

Diomita Maurer’s Blog

Ambre Singh’s website

Do take the elevator up to Ambre’s exhibit!


Alex Riverstone is setting up his exhibit

Melancholia at NovaOwl

“Photography has been a lifelong interest, starting when I acquired an Instamatic camera at age 9.  SecondLife has allowed me to enjoy it in a different way: allowing the exploration of scenes, poses, and angles that wouldn’t be practical in the real world.  My photos have been exhibited at the Hoot Suite Gallery, Elven Falls Gallery,  Art House at Kii’wik Sanctuary, Raglan Shire Art Walk, and Katmee Gallery.  I enjoy finding new places to photograph and am continually amazed by the variety and creativity that I find.  

When not taking pictures, I enjoy building mesh items using Blender, going to live music performances or just exploring the creativity in SecondLife.”

from Alex’s bio

opening party – November 14 at 12 pm – 2pm

Your ride to Alex’s exhibit

Here is a post about Alex’s exhibit, shades of summer in 2021.

Alex Riverstone on Flickr

Alex Riversotne


Every Monday is a

Fishing contest with DJ Uli.

Come, rezz your boat and go sailing; catch our weekly fishing event on Mondays at 12pm SLT. Or pop by and explore the water, art, and beauty.

N-O Fishing Competition @ NovaOwl
N-O Fishing By Uli Jansma
Otter CK Tintin and the Gang fishing
Fishers By Lotus Li


November 9 is Dimi Ludwig

11 am at CTC Tea Garden,

created by Ceakay Ballyhoo.

DimiVan Ludwig is a veteran pro, performing in Second Life since 2006. When you see Dimi perform, you get 100% Dimi…

Join us for his great sound! < yes this is a tp to the show.

Dimi is renowned for his naughty humor during his performances. No one is safe during a Dimi show, and everyone leaves with a smile. Couple his hilarious humor, fantastic voice, superb guitar, and piano ability. You will undoubtedly leave a Dimivan Ludwig show wanting more!

Songs from Don Henley, John Prine, Rodney Carrington, Edwin McCain, Neil Young, Lyle Lovett, and so many more. 100% authentic, 100% live!

Check out his website here < yes click it

Here is his song Road Kings


TNC Fall Exposition

The winners of The Nature Collective Fall Hunt Photo contest, along with honorable mention, will have their winning photos on exhibit at CK’s Corner. Along with the winning photos, the photo contest winners will also be showing other selections of their choice from various TNC member locations. Photos will be on display until the end of December.

The opening party will be held on Tuesday, November 10th at two different times – the first at 12-noon SLT with DJ Joss Floss and the second at 6 PM SLT with DJ Gege.

Take a ride to the exhibit


November 14 at 1 pm. 

This is my exhibit “Imperfect Zen”

Art opening at Carmel Art Community !

Come on over and see!

This is a series of photos depicting Second Life and leaning towards Zen. These photos represent warped perspective in the editing style of pictures of places I visited, Hazardous, Asian Mist, Terrapin, and my little corner at Cloud Galleries. I heavily edited them in photoshop and played with all the sliders.

Buddha @ Asian Mist photo by Owl


November 23 at 11 am is Aminus Writer at CTC Tea Garden.

Aminius Writer is a very talented German Guitarist and singer. His sound makes you smile and feel it!  Join us for a sound-inspired hour of entertainment!

Tune in Turn On Hop on the Bus!

“His voice has so many facets; it is so pure, slightly rough, strong, passionate, and uniquely soulful, as you rarely find it and just as I love it. The dedication to what he does can be felt in each of his tones, and the sound of his acoustic guitar is clear and harmonizes perfectly with it. The concert was a pure pleasure and not only entertained but also touched me, and that’s how music should be! My absolute recommendation to everyone, go to one of his concerts!” @Talia Saenz of https://www.togglefm.com/…/aminius-writer-the-night-owl&#8230;


November 24 is the Thanksgiving gathering with Catori Mistwalker at 8 am.

This is an open community gathering; please join us and bring a dish to share if you like!

Check our group – Corsica South Coasters in world for time and place.


Grand opening of Cloud galleries!

November 30 at 12 pm with DJ Uli 

bring your dancing shoes and time to look around!

Your Ride!

Come to visit us, dance, and see all the galleries and artists’ work.

Currently, Cloud Galleries features :


Michiel Bechir

Anna Maria


Suzen Juel

Raisa Remisa

KayLy Lali


Owl Dragonash

There may end up being more events, but this is what I know about at this time. Folks at Corsica know how to party! Do join us for a good time!

see you at the events hoot

~ Owl

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