Lost At Sea

TinTiin @ SLEA


Photo by Pife Merlin

An innovative, immersive project has come to the main region of SLEA located on the outer circle of Region 7. This complete sound experience installation is the creation of Aborigin aka Tintin a well known SL resident and proprietor of a bar located amidst the Campell Coast Artist Community. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/122/66/2002. Grand Opening:

SUNDAY AUGUST 8 – WITH MUSICAL SOUNDS BY BSKUMET STORMCROW 12pm – 2pm Come dressed to weather the elements and test your survival skills.

Before we set the stage for this experience Tintin has given some specific instructions to properly take full advantage of his work. Instructions are as follows:

  • turn OFF/ move back the sliders of MUSIC as well as MEDIA channels (top menu all the way to the right hand side of your screen)
  • turn ON/move forward the slider of SOUND (in the same menu)
  • you might need to turn up…

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