Inara Pey a virtual Wonder!

Inara Pey has influenced myself and many of her readers views of Second Life with her blog – Living In a Modem World. She has been publishing since 2007.

“Within these pages you’ll find a mix of news, reviews, commentary and opinion – all presented from my own perspective”

Inara Pey’s blog

Through her blogging she has taken photos of many regions in Second Life and her photography is wonderful!

Inara Pey  is currently exhibiting

“One if by Land, Two if by Water”

at Hoot Suite Art Gallery through May 15th

“One if by Land Two if by Water, an admitted play on Longfellow’s poem, Paul Revere’s Ride. People might want to read something into this, and that is their prerogative “

Inara Pey

I Love Inara’s photography she snaps photos of regions she blogs. Many of her photos have encouraged me to visit these builds and see the beauty first hand.

Midnight in Paris
Midnight in Paris – Inara. Pey

Between her words and photography Inara depicts a varied view of Second Life and its inhabitants as well as keeping us informed on Linden Lab happenings, viewers, some planes, boats and space.

IMAGOLand April 2021
IMAGOLand April 2021 – Inara Pey

In many ways Inara’s perspective has shaped my Second Life. I would be so less informed and visited so many less places. Inara’s strength and ability to do so much in Sl defiantly influenced my ability to do what I do in SL. Although she is always busy she seems to squeeze a lot into a day, seeing and doing everything!

Inara is someone I admire very much! 

“ Virtual explorer & peripheral visionary (I see the future, but only way off to the side). Music, astronomy, space flight, sci-fi, Second Life, books, films.”

Inara’s Twitter bio
Frogmore - March 2021
Frogmore – Inara Pey

Do read Inara Pey – Living In A Modem world

Go see her exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery

You can also find Inara’s photography at 

Phoenix Artists Collaboration 

More info on “PAC” here.

Campbell Coast Artists Village

More info on Campbell Coast here

Thank you! see you in Second life!

Hoot ~owl

6 thoughts on “Inara Pey a virtual Wonder!

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    1. Thank you for coming by! Inara’s exhibit came down but you can still see hr work at Phoenix Artists collaboration (PAC). and at Campbell Coast Artists Village. – Ceakay Ballyhoo is currently exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art. Gallery : ).


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