Giovanna Cerise exhibits “Traces” @ PAC exposing the threads to her creative heart. Do take the time see her work. It is worth it!

Giovanna Cerise exhibits “Traces” @ Phoenix Arts Collaboration.

The first of PAC’s Feature Artist exhibitions at the Cherished Melody location

brings us Giovanna Cerise with her solo exhibit


Opening February 6th at 1.00 pm slt.

“Music with Joachim Gustav from 1:15”

Do take the time to see this very skilled Artist’s exhibit and come party at the opening.

here is your teleport

Giovanna comes at her art from a literary and musical perspective.

These diverse works seem to represent Giovanna’s evolution artistically from simple through intense. Each very much a work of ART.

I am sure we all ‘get” something different from each Artists works. To me this exhibit seems to reflect the myriad of journeys with in each life.A thread traced to its center revealing a glimpse of what speaks to Giovanna’s artistic heart.

It would be interesting to hear what you “get” from this exhibit. Please feel free to comment or tell me.

photo of Saudade by Giiovanna Cerise
(this looks much cooler and moves in person (pixel))

Giovanna Cerise has recently returned to the Second Life art world, and wow! I am so glad she did. Campbell Coast Artists Village is lucky enough to have a Gallery full of her amazing, intense work hosted in it!💜

To read more about Giovanna Cerise and her artistic journey check out her blog here.

To read more about the “Traces” exhibit – Inara Pey’s piece on the PAC blog here.

Some of Giovanna’s work at Campbell Coast

This Artist is one to watch, not only does she have great works behind her but many more in front of her too. In a word superb!

See you at the opening!


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