Go Speed Rasere’s Novels share a sense of the strength of character and classic sci-fi wonder. Bring your ears and listen to a vignette of “Sinatra In A Younger Day”

GoSpeed Rasere is a well know Second Life resident having joined the grid in 2006. In that time Go has found novel Inspiration. Many in fact.

Currently GoSpeed writing under the name R. Jacques, has 3 novels and one short story anthology with more on the way. The Emperor’s Reach will be released by Chrstmas 2020.

All available on  Amazon click here and Smashwords click here.

Join us at Hoot Suite Art Gallery

where Gospeed Rasere has her novels set out this month,

For a reading November 24th Tuesday at 1pm slt.

Owl (yeah me) will read a glimpse of one of R. Jacques short stories.

Here is an intro to the Reading event:

“An introduction.

This scene takes place in a short story called, “Sinatra In A Younger Day” which transpires in the futuristic virtual world of Simvie Loko circa 2500 AD. The main character, Delano Rose is a digital actor who has full autonomy and primarily resides in the physical world as a hologram. He’s eager to revitalize his career so his agent has possibly found him work in Angel City, a mid-20th century local located in Simvie Loko. Mr. Rose has chosen to depict himself as a Frank Sinatra tribute act and the scene read by Owl depicts his arrival.”

Do come Tuesday at 1pm sharp Second Life The to hear this reading!

Click here for a teleport to the event .

Photo of covers of Gospeed Rasere published books.

Rasere’s war

“500 years in the future, the peaceful virtual world of Simvie Loko becomes the battleground between two opposing forces: The seemingly benevolent, world ruling
AI, Gaiana, and its human opponents who seek more personal freedom. Caught in the middle is the sentient AI NPC, GoSpeed Rasere, who exists only to serve her human visitors. If Gaiana prevails, she and her fellow NPCs face extinction. “

Rasere’s War was the first novel R. Jacques (GoSpeed) published and wow I can tell you it is a great read. It kept me up 2 nights in a row as I needed to know what was happening next. GoSpeed has an easy cadence to her writing the story is well developed and leaves you wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed Rasere’s War and was quite happy it didn’t end there and there was more. We Built This City Go’s second Novel and Boundng Man released 2019 continue GoSpeeds story ” Join Ms. Rasere on the expedition of a lifetime where a new threat is revealed and she find the chance to redeem herself. “

Simvie Loko Vignettes: 19 Stories From Sergio’s Virtual World “Nineteen short stories, vignettes, and cutting-room-floor scenes revolving around the world of my published Series: Rasere’s Awakening. A world-building delight that fills in some of the blanks leading up to, during, and after the events of the series.”

GoSpeed has created a plethora of writing with this series a great story line and continuity defiantly a fun read that keeps you immersed and wanting more. Was so happy to hear that she will be releasing The Emperor’s Reach this year by Christmas 2020.

And I hear more on the way yay!

You can find more about R. Jacques on the website here.

GoSpeed also runs a radio stream called Kona Stream, available 24/7/

You can see what Gospeed is exploring on her Flickr here.

Do check out the brilliant writer’s work and come hear the reading the Tuesday at Hoot Suite Art Gallery!

see you around the grid!


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