Do you want to travel? “Second Life Landscapes” Inara Pey shows you Second Life through her eyes. Take yourself on a virtual trip.

Second Life Landscape’s

Inara Pey is exhibiting at Konect Art Gallery

through the month of October.

Here is a teleport to Inara’s exhibit 

Erebos Harbor - July 2018
The Old Planetarium, Erebos Harbor 2018 by Inara Pey

Inara may be best known for her amazing Blog Living in a Modem World.

She has shared with her readers art, landscapes, boats, planes, viewers, space, opinions, builds and so much more. Personally my second life would be a lot less informed and explored without Inara’s Modem Word Blog.  I have been following her writing since 2009 and exploring her tips on art and regions.

Jambo: A Voyage to Africa - June 2020
Giraffes in the Grass, Jambo, June 2020 By Inara Pey

This exhibit at Konect Art Gallery features many places Inara has visited and blogged since 2014. The landscape photos Inara shares offer a journey through Second Life. The evolution of regions people have created for our enjoyment. Any photo that catches your eye in this exhibit you can search n her blog and go vet the place it was taken if t is still open.

Kintsugi, May 2020
Gates on the Water, Kintsugi, May 2020 by Inara Pey

Inara’s Photo “Gates on the Water” brings to mind calm and serenity. You can inhale and smell sakura blossoms and fresh water. Exactly what I felt when visiting the Kintsugi – Spirited Beyond region that Inara Blogged in May 2020. I had to go see it and with Inara’s post fresh in my mind I felt a deeper connection to what I was seeing. Knowing the regions creation story definably added to the connection. 

“Woman of eclectic tastes, very involved in virtual worlds (particularly Second Life). Sometimes musician (piano, guitar), sometimes writer, occasional kinky bitch, frequently confused (generally during the hours when eyes are required to be open). “ 

from Inara Pey’s flicker bio
Isle of May, March 2018
Coastal Waters, Isle of May, April 2018 By Inara Pey

Inara brings detail to her writing sharing bits of the creator with us. Each of her landscape photos can be traced to where she took the photo giving the viewer a bit more  and the ability to go see too. In my experience her insight has led me to explore wonderful places in Second Life.

Do visit Inara Pey’s exhibit “Second Life Landscape’s” @ Konect Art Gallery

Konect Art Gallery is curated by Gonzallo Osuna (Jon Rain), Who also runs Konecta Radio, a streaming radio service based out of Bilbao, Spain. .

Take the time to stop by her Galleries too

Inara Pey @ PAC on Cherished Melody

Inara’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast

See what Inara is visting on her Blog

Living n a Modem World

Find her on



~ thanks for reading go out and have fun!

~ owl

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