Hoot Suite Art Gallery

It has a lovely view of the river in Bellisseria,

Linden Labs newest continent In Second Life.

Feel free to come see the Art and hang out anytime open 24/7

Here is aTp to Hoot Suite Art Gallery!

Hoot Suite Art Gallery also has a Flicker page here.


This Gallery is curated by me – Owl

Currently we are featuring:

BluShock By CK

CK – Ceakay Ballyhoo exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery 

May 24 th – June 19th

“BluShock Space Adventures”

This exhibit shows an overview of the places The BluShock Coalition have gone and the planets they have created. They currently live on a huge Asteroid that has a way to fold space and makes them able to visit anywhere in (any) universe.

Teleport to Hoot Suite. Art Gallery

A Party for CK June 1st at Noon – 12pm Slt

Featuring the Live Music of Joe Paravane!

Inara Pey @ Hoot suite Art. Gallery!

Inara Pey exhibiting “One if by land two if by water”

“One if by land two if by water” will be at Hoot Suite through May 15th!

APRIL 28th – Wednesday at Noon

Winston Ackland plays Live at Inara’s party!

Do come see this wonderful exhibit and join the party!

teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery

Art Gala for Caly Applewhyte
Please join us for this event to welcome Caly to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.
*** Wednesday March 24th at
10 am Aminius Writer performing live
11am Dj Krys Calamity takes us into an after party of fun & Dancing!

Caly is exhibiting March 15th – April 10th stop by anytime!
She has added class and style to Hoot Suite with her wild talented Photography

teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery

 I am Featuring the photos of Michiel Bechir. 

Michiel is exhibiting Dec. – Jan. 10th

Do come by and see his wonderful work !

Here is a teleport to Michiel Bechir’s exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery.


Photo from GoSpeed’s website.

GoSpeed Rasere & Trinity Yazimoto

Open Nov 8th – Dedc 6th

A little about Trinity Yazimoto here – on my blog

Artists who have exhibited at Hoot Suite Art Gallery:

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” from sayings of Buddha”

Gidgy Adagio

Exhibiting Oct. 4th – Nov. 1st

Do come by for Giidgy’s beautiful magical exhibit!

Hoot Suite Art Gallery Teleport

Skip Staheli

Skip Staheli – “Body Positivity!”

Opening party September 2nd – Live Music By The Vinnie Show!

Skip’s exhibit runs August 30th – September 27th.

Click for a little more .

Poster By Mareea Farrasco

Mareea Farrasco – ” Painting the Summer”- July  26th – August 23rd

Photo by me

Opening Party July 27th Noon featuring the live music of Winston Ackland

Click for a bit More about Mareea Farrasco.

By Suzen Juel

Suzen Juel – June 21st– July 19th

Click for a bit More Suzen Juel

CioTToLNa Xue

CioTToLiNa Xue – May 17th – June 14th

CioTToLiNa Xue.

AWESOME FALLEN – April 12th  -May 11th

Awesome Fallen and More.

Earth day Celebration April 22nd with Joe Paravane at 10am & Dj Doc Rast at 11am

Poster By Doc Rast

Aries x3 Hosted – Glastonbelli – June 16th & June 17th at the Bellisseria Fairgrounds


BAMBOO BARNES March – April 6th

Art Gala March 25th 9am – Winston Ackland

Bamboo info and More Bamboo Barnes

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