The GlastonBelli Redwood Forest Park provides the majority of the landscaping of Sevenfold, and is designed after the lush redwood groves of northern California and Southern Oregon in the United States. Come visit this beautiful location.

Your ride to the Glastonbelli Redwoods

Just about finished!  Come take a look at the Glastonbelli Redwoods
Photo By Cranston Yordstorm

The Cheddar Man Caves were put in GlastonBelli as a nod to a popular Somerset, England tourist destination, but with a silly twist that makes it a unique destination, with an interconnected internal and external train system called The GlastonBelli CheddarWorx.

Also check out the roller coaster! 🌟

Cheddar Man Caves & Stonehenge

The proud centerpiece of GlastonBelli, The Pyramid Stage.

This is a nod to Bjoy, Doc and the 50th Anniversary of the RL UK Musical event known as Glastonbury, with its iconic pyramid stage, and close connection to Stonehenge, which hippies would use as a staging point before their mecca-like trip to The Glastonbury Festival.

Come check out the Pyramid stage!

Hedo Dinner at The GlastonBelli Pyramid
Photo By Cranston Yordstorm

High in the Air above the redwood forest is the Glastonbelli Art installation Platform.

This area features 3d art work of talented SecondLife Artists.

Limitations are Self-Imposed” By regional Yifu

Limitations are Self-Imposed” By Regi Yifu June – November 2022

Read more here :

Art Korner By Frank Atisso

Modem World by Inara Pey

tabula rasa by Theda Tammas

Theda Tammas – “tabula Rasa” Feb. – May 2022

Read more here :

ART Korner By Frank Atisso

Modem world by Inara Pey

Blogged on Owl Eye

Each of these destinations has a presence in the Second Life Destination Guide, as well as inclusion in a number of Second Life exploration programs and has had their share of visitors, and we are pleased beyond measure to introduce them to Corsica South Coast friends and family.

Cranston Yordstorm holds the reins on this area as well as performing in sl check Live singing at a Second Life show!

here is a video clip from 9 years ago 💜

Feb 15, 2012 Cranston Yordstorn & The Storm front band at Club CTO

Join Cranston’s group here.

Check out his Flickr here.

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