Featured Exhibit : Charlie Namiboo at Eulennest Art Gallery

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This exhibition of Charlie Namiboo’s portraits is housed at an incredible location – a gallery in the midst of nature on a picturesque island. Eulennest Art Gallery is truly one of the most beautiful galleries I have been to. Literally translating to “Owl’s Nest“, it is set on a rather…

Charlie’s reflections at Eulennest in Second Life

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Eulennest Art Gallery: Charlie Namiboo I first became acquainted with Charlie Namiboo as a result of her involvement in the (long since retired) Frisland region, which I had the pleasure of documenting in these pages on a number of occasions in 2015 / 2016. Back then…

Discover Whimsical Aristocrat’s Photography and take time to see her creative vision in Second Life.

One of the things Whim’s is passionate about in Second Life is her photography. She has a wonderful talent for taking a SL model and using pose and lighting to convey an emotion be it whimsy, curiosity, sensuality or whatever her focus is at the time. Her work is all class, sexuality and creative vision. She does a lot of this for the second life magazine Attention her photography can be seen in many issues since 2016.

Blues Rocker at Hoot Suite in Second Life

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Hoot Suite Gallery: Blues Rocker, February 2021 The Linden Homes in Bellisseria lend themselves to many uses beyond that of home; people have turned them into clubhouses, pubs, cafés group meeting points, museums and galleries. In the latter regard they can be particularly attractive, in that…