Artists at CSC

Artists @ Corsica South Coast

Regi Yifu

Gastonbelli Art Installation – Regi Yifu

Limitations are Self-Imposed

Inara Pey Modem World blogged this exhibit

ART Korner’s Frank Atisso blogged this fun exhibit


NovaOwl Art Gallery

Flyer - Exhibition Skip Staheli  @ NovaOwl Art Gallery
Poster By Uli Jansma

NovaOwl Art Gallery will be featuring a different Artist every few months.

Currently featuring the amazing works of Skip Staheli

No one describes it better than Inara : Modem World “skip-staheli-at-novaowl-in-second-life/

Yeri~My bear friends..
Yeri My Bear friends By Skip

NovaOwl Sky Gallery

Featuring the art of MELINA SUE

Do come see the wonderful work of this newer Second Life Artist!

Your teleport

Melina Sue @ NOvaOwl Sky Gallery

Corsica South Coasters has a ART Trail starting at Corsica Tourist Center and winding through Laserlight, Sunstream and Emyiad. pick up the trail head here.

Along the trail you will find many Artists works for sale and a few galleries which leads us to:

CK's Corner
Ck’s gallery and so much more

CKB Gallery

Ceakays’s style can be best described as capturing Moods. Feel yourself drawn into the landscapes of her pictures. See the emotion and character traits expressed in the people she portrays. It’s a dreamy world most of the time. Unclear lines, blurry, warm colours. Sometimes darker and gloomier.


Through CkB Gallery you can find portals to CK’s installations in the sky do go through, her installation work has had her collaborating with Silas Merlin and CybelMoon to name a few.

CKB Gallery is here

CK on Flickr

Ck on MP

CK’s website

Artists @ Garden Roof Galleries


Alex Riverstone

Alex Riverstone

Photography has been a life long interest, starting when I acquired an instamatic camera at age 9.  SecondLife has allowed me to enjoy it in a different way: allowing the exploration of scenes, poses and angles which wouldn’t be practical in the real world.  My photos have been exhibited at the Hoot Suite Gallery, Elven Falls Gallery,  Art House at Kii’wik Sanctuary, Raglan Shire Art Walk and Katmee Gallery.  I enjoy finding new places to photograph and am continually amazed by the variety and creativity that i find.   When not taking pictures, I enjoy building mesh items using Blender, going to live music performances or just exploring the creativity in SecondLife.

Alex Bio

Visit Alex’s Garden Roof Gallery

Alex on Flickr

Bath Time Kodak resort By Alex



 Caly Applewhyte

Bio In short:  French woman. I joined SL in February 2010. After a few months without any specific goal, I began exploring and decided to share my favorite places by photographing and sharing them. My leitmotiv was “All is not necessarily beautiful in SL, and what is, deserves to be shown whenever possible”. I’m passionate about the avatar as a means of expression. Self-taught on Photoshop, and passionate about avant-garde and dystopian fashion, I stage my own character in minimalist settings to keep only the essential… the emotion.


Visit Caly’s Garden Roof Gallery

Caly on Flickr

Geisha in the Soul by Caly


once your brain is hijacked, your soul gets lost
once your brain is hijacked, your soul gets lost by Elan


“an artist. but so what, you’re an artist too.

Second Life resident, from days of “your world, your imagination” but someone went overboard with the cookie cutters. such is “life”, a mix of corporate & commercialist platform. success gets defined by how well you can emulate.” Favorite artist Brion Gysin”


Visit Elan’s Garden Roof Gallery

Elan’s Flickr

Elan on Deviant Art

each other
Each other by Elan

ED Aulder

Ed Aulder

Visit Ed’s Garden Roof Gallery

Ed on Flickr

Masked ED Aulder


Sometimes you just need a different point of view By Lotus

Lotus Li

“Aussie Creative who has lived in Sl for way to long now to Give it up!I call Second life a Passionate training ground for the Creative. I am drawn to landscapes and seascapes with animals playing a big role in catching my eye. when you get to share the magic of someone else’s creation with your added layers it can be a real joy. You could say I am hooked on exploring the different textures and looks you can achieve in the mixed media style “


Visit Lotus’s Garden Roof Gallery

Lotus’s Flickr

Broken Lighthouse
Broken Lighthouse By Lotus


Inside me
Inside me by Melina

Melina Sue 

Melina Sue is a multi-discipline, mixed media artist, treasure hunter and soulsearcher (SL and RL). No matter  the medium… her Art has always been a manifestation of her personal journey. “My heart says infinitely more then these words can communicate.”  ♥

Melina Sue

Visit Melina’s Garden Roff Gallery here

Melina’s Flickr

Melina on Marketplace

Melina Sue website

Painted By Melina


Stephen Venkman

 Venk (stephen.venkman)

Art field: Digital Impressionism, SL Photography and Character Creation. A resident of Second Life on and off for 16 years. I started taking images in SL to chronicle the people I met and the creations I encountered. Once I was introduced to Photo editing tools, the realization of pushing the envelope with my images was born. A first life artist in music


Visit Venk’s Garden Roof Gallery

Venk on Flickr

Beyond the trees @ Cherished Melody
Beyond the Trees By Venk