Hyperborea Art Gallery The perfect setting to show you the beauty of melancholic lyricism. Bring your eyes and feel this!

Warmed now you begin to look around.Your eyes rest on an oil painting and another, you find yourself enthralled with the depth of feeling in them.

Blues Rocker chasing his muse and exhibiting in Second Life. Blues exhibits show you how his mind and eye connect to create Art.

Blues Rocker exhibiting in Second Life. Sharing his imagination.

Gidgy Adagio

Magic, creation, fantasy, story, humor are the essence of Gidgy Adagio. She communicates with you through how you feel while viewing her builds and photos. Have you experienced her work?

SL is about creating stories. Using the imagination. Smiles and lots of laughter. I hope the reader experiences both!"

Skip Staheli

Skip Staheli’s Art draws the eye and shares his passion vividly through time and patience with his craft. Have you seen the sensual energy of Skip’s work?

Skip’s avatar exudes a sexuality that can only come from diving so deep into photos.