Port Emyniad

Port Emyniad is a beautiful harbor with a rezz zone for boats. Come wander and see the art galleries and beautiful sea views.

Lochness monster
Nessi at Port Emyniad photo by Owl

If you’re up for a challenge, try wind sailing, jet skiing or launch your boat. If you’re feeling a little more lazy, just take a stroll around the harbor, relax on the beach or jump in the sea.

This small harbor, Port Emyniad, is on the island in the south of Corsica. A very beautiful place that is home to many Art Galleries and some rental homes. If you are looking for something different to do then Port Emyniad should be on your list. A great place to get away from it all.
It is a place where boat Captains and Art lover’s come and see the beautiful view, while they walk the paths and enjoy the relaxing wooded areas.
If you are an Art lover this is the place to be. The Harbor has many galleries and a short wander on the trail you will notice it connects to the Corsica South Coasters Art Trail, a lovely hike among galleries woods and art. Try one of the many horse rezzers.

Photo by Lotus li

Here is a ware to ride to Port Emyniad.

Port Emyniad is home to:

Bijoux BarrSamaniego Art
Samaniego Art is a collection of works by Bijoux and her family. These have been uploaded to SL with permission of the artists. Samaniego Art focuses on realism, architectural works in oil, watercolor and ink, hyper realism and digital art. The style is mainly influenced by the old masters JMW Turner and John Singer Sargent, to new contemporary artists Alex Hillkurtz, Andrew Tischler, and Ottorino de Lucchi.

Talking to the Moon - Samaniego Art
Talking to the Moon – Samaniego Art

Current Art Galleries include:

Cayla – C & A Gallery
Cayla showcases her SL photography with whimsical, fantasy and thought evoking pictures.

Recently I have been concentrating on Second Life avatar portraits. I input details, of what I am trying to achieve, into an AI program to create unique, one of a kind, backdrops. The avatars are posed in front of these backdrops with the intent of blending the avatar into the backdrop to produce a painterly portrait with sensitive handling of light that evokes a sense of magic and wonder.

Nigel – Free Spirit Gallery
A collection of RL and SL photographs beautifully selected to show his ideas, visions and scenes that inspire him. Conceptual photographer & musician. I love Jazz, blues and R&B music.

Nigel’s Gallery @ Port Emyniad

Hypatia Munro – The Wandering Swan
Hypatia shares her personal collection of images featuring sunsets, sand, sea and surf. I just love the feeling of longing it brings for the sea.

“I never fall apart, because I never fell together in the first place.”

–Andy Warhol

Seraph Spiritweaver
Sera exhibits her photography in black and white. Various scenes in SL that captures her imagination and interest and showing the dark, beautiful creativity of builders from the places she visits.

Prokofy Neva
Prokofy’s gallery shows different locations of interests with landmarks available for everyone to visit. He also put together a collection tribute to Joseph Cornell mirroring the artist’s assemblage in RL in which unlikely objects are joined in an unorthodox unity.

Gallery spaces available Contact Bijoux Barr.

Explore, take a nature art walk and enjoy the coastal themed setting! Access to over 600 Regions of navigable water! Member of Corsica South Coasters

Do visit! Here is a ware to ride to Port Emyniad.

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