BSUKMET Live @ The Ceilidh Campbell Coast

The Ceilidh is thrilled to have
November 2 @ 12 pm – 1:30 pm

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The Musical compositions of Bsukmet are a thrill to hear!

In 2006 he joined the Madrid gothic pop rock band Evil Thoughts, taking on the role of keyboardist and lead songwriter. Together with them he writes 2 albums, the second of which is composed entirely by him.

Composer, piano player, band musician and Music Teacher. Currently creating music in styles out of my comfort zone, using free resources only and avoiding the use of samples (except for some sound effects or voices). Each piece is created note by note..

you can also find Bsukmet on



~ see you at the show!


ADWEHE exhibiting at Campbell Coast Village!

Join us for the party stay and see Adwehe’s Art! Listen to DD!

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“I have always fantasized really walking inside my RL drawings, like in a dream. SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. I explore an ever changing drawing using lines, light and darkness, color and whatever I can find to express. Creating depth and perspective expanding the dimensions of the exposition room, mostly abstract and animating.

Experimenting with different art forms in Second Life including painting, light, sound and immersive installations. Still relatively new to Second Life’s vast possibilities, I just love to experiment searching for the mysterious randomness that can occur when working with what’s available in the prim world of second life.

Influences I love are light art and kinetic art, minimalism and color field painting. I mix textures from my traditional RL drawings, acrylic and oil paintings inside and outside of SL to achieve patterns, moods and motions.“ Adwehe

Interview by Violet Boa in Virtuality

Reflected By Whimsical Aristocrat

Reflected By Whimsical Aristocrat

Eulennest Art Gallery is happy to be showcasing:

Whimsical Aristocrat

     “Reflected” -Exhibiting  Oct 11th – December 5th

     Do join us for a party October 17 Sunday at 12pm

     DJ Uli will share music to make us move and dance : )

Your teleport to The Party and exhibit @ Eulennest

     “This exhibit  presents a ballet in 10 to 12 frames, where the ballet is   developed  from original inception,  through recruiting,  getting in shape,  learning dance moves, becoming depressed and alcoholic,  a re-awakening of purpose, reflections on the meaning of life,  final  rehearsals and then finally a performance, and then aftermath.” Whims

The Art Of Caly Applewhyte, Music By Bsukmet at Campbell Coast!

Poster by Bijoux and Bsukmet

Campbell Coast is happy to present : 


Exhibiting September 28 – October 11

Art Party September 28

12pm The Musical Compositions of :


Do join us for Art and Music!

Caly’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast Village

“Art Lovers…the newest RGG gallery is open for viewing!

Campbell Coast Village is thrilled with our newest addition

the wonderful work of LIV (Raging Bells)!

RGG @ Campbell Coast

“Art Lovers…the newest RGG gallery is open for viewing!

Located in the unique community of the Campbell Coast Village — a collective of art galleries, an aerodome, The Loch Village venue, commercial and residential rentals, plus much more…loads to see!!”

Drop by and say hello! <– Click for teleport

RGG @ Campbell Coast

Thank you for supporting the arts!

You can find Liv on Flickr here.

Liv (raging bells) is also the Art director at Raging Graphix Gallery — a creative cooperative promoting SL/RL artists while inspiring those who appreciate their talent. New and established artists featured monthly.

RGG’s September featured artist is Ilyra Chardin, with an amazing exhibit in the Upper Mezzanine Gallery titled ‘Paved Paradise’.

Ilyra Chardin

The show will be up through 29th September — its definitely a MUST SEE show!

do visit! Raging Graphix Gallery

Raging Graphic Flickr

~ See you around the grid

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