Awesome Fallen brings her visions to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.

REBORN by Awesome Fallen

Awesome Fallen brings her visions to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.
Exhibit April 13th – May 11th

Awesome Fallen’s profile states 
“…… just another wave in the ocean …….”
And wow if she is a wave it is one with quite the curl holding the ultimate surfing moment!

.....the flowing of my thoughts......
…..the flowing of my thoughts…… by Awesome Fallen

Surrealistic in style many of her images have a dream like vibe to them. 
Suggesting that the Artist has woken from a dream only to find the pieces influencing her life.
 Linking the dream world with reality.
Awesome’s vignettes show glimpses of moments, places, dreams, an idea.
Her style draws the viewer in creating their own story or glimpsing the Artists idea.
Awesome’s use of her medium and technical photography skills really create a vivid piece of work.  
I always feel like I have stepped through the door into a world inside Awesome’s mind when viewing her Art. Many pieces of her work make me feel like I have fallen through the looking glass.
​ Awesome’s work brings a smile to my face even the darker pieces as my mind tries to complete the story fill in the glimpse,, so much left to interpretation making her Art an interactive experience for the viewer. 
​Truly a pleasure!

Do stop by  for this exhibit April 13th through May 11th
Hoot Suite Art Gallery~Owl

What is Next for Bamboo Barnes In Second Life?

Fairy Glitch by Bamboo Barnes

I am so honored to have Fairy Glitch by Bamboo Barnes!

Having Bamboo’s work open Hoot Suite Art Gallery has been a wonderful experience.
Being immersed in the deep emotions and wild depth of color of Bamboo’s work
for 4 weeks was such an inspiration. 
I feel like my mind has been washed in living color.
Iam sure her style and artistic flair. Will influence my photos in a creative way.

​Where can you find Bamboo’s work now?

Opening April 10th at 1pm  
Bamboo is exhibiting 
At the Itakos Art Gallery 
Blue Pavillion
For more Info check Itakos project Art Gallery Blog here

Itakos Art Gallery poster

Here are a few places Bamboo has exhibits up currently.

The Galleries  – click here for tp

Vision of Beauty Art Complex – click here for tp

Do go visit and pick up a piece for your home I Did 🦉

Now hanging in my Home Gallery – 

Blue Sun by Bamboo Barnes objects built by Mistero Hifeng

Her newest explorations on
Bamboo Barnes  Flickr page here
For more detail into Bamboo’s work read this interview
 by Cajsa Lilliehook on New World Notes here

Thank. You for coming to see Bamboo Barnes works 
Who is exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery next?
Check back here April 11th for the reveal 💜
~ Owl

Bamboo Barnes at Hoot suite coming to a close

Only 3 days left to see Bamboo Barnes exhibit at 
Hoot Suite Art Gallery

Bamboo has a wild style that uses color in an intense emotional way. Viewing her work, you can feel the vibration and see the raw talent she has!
Here is a link to Bambo’s Flickr account
DO stop in this weekend!
I so Loved having Bamboo & her amazing work!

Bamboo Barnes exhibit Opens Hoot Suite Art Gallery

HI have you heard of Hoot Suit Art Gallery yet?

Well you will!
Hoot Suite Art Gallery is curated by Owl Dragonash.
The doors opened with an amazing colorful emotionally charged exhibit by Bamboo Barnes.
Her work will be exhibiting through April 6th
Take the tp and go look she is so talented!
Hoot Suite Art Gallery tp
Bamboo has a wild style that uses color in an intense emotional way.
Viewing her work, you can feel the vibration and see the raw talent she has!
Here is a link to her Flickr account
Also, a Link to an awesome interview of Bamboo by Cajsa Lilliehook
Stop by Hoot Suite Art Gallery anytime it is open 24/7

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