Hippiestock Jan. 30th 2021

Hippiestock the annual celebration put on by Hippie Bowman reaches it’s 11th year!

wow, what a long run. Hippie said this will be the last year he hosts this well loved Virtual festival. Do not miss it!

Tune in turn on and take the ride!

10 am The Vinnie Show!

11am Hippie Bowman & Dick “Marty” Steel

12pm Wiinston Ackland

1pm Dimi Ludwig

2pm Songbird Sorbet

3pm Lexus Melodie

4pm  Lexie luan & Zorch Boomhauer

5pm -7pm – Jed Luckless

with Moondance Parx particles

Tune in turn on and take the ride!

Hippiestock began January 15th, 2011.
We are going into our 11th Hippiestock January 30th, 2021.

“Hippiestock began as a party for all the people I met in the SL Forums. I was curious as to whom there fantastic people were, and I wanted to meet them in the pixel. At first I called the party “A Forum Dwellers Party”. As the communication over the Forums threads continued, someone dubbed the name “Hippiestock”, and it stuck. The party, after all was meant for good will to everyone. I believe in the hippie and bohemian ways, and want to promote Peace and love to all.”

Hippie Bowman

I want to thank all the performers and people in the background that makes Hippiestock what it is. After all it is the people that make it fantastic!

Here are some links to past Hippiestock stuff.

Hippiestock flicker groups here and here.

Jed Luckless & Lexi Marshal @ Hippiestock 5

Hope to see you at Hippiestock 11. A groovy and far out time will be had by all!

Do join us at what may be the last Hippiestock Hippie hosts for us.

~ see you at the show!!


Jed Luckless Winter Tour 2021!

Jed’s 2021 Winter tour dates

Jed Luckless is an amazing songwriter and performer in the meta-verse Second Life and RL. His relaxed vibe and jammy style has earned him the nick name “Jammin’ Jed” amongst his fan base. Jed truly grabs the crowd, connecting the live energies and infusing the music with passionate jams, cosmic drum solos and atmospheric spaces. All of his shows are unique and well worth jamming at! I have been enjoying Jed’s shows since 2010 in Second Life. Definatly Owl Approved! 💜

You can catch these shows in Second Life or on facebook at The Jedstead! Keep an eye on Jed Luckless facebook page for landmarks and times.

Jed Luckless Original Music streamed Live online is home for Jed’s website and it is full of all Jed’s info including links to his full band and archives of so much music!

“For all its virtues, one thing the in-world music scene is hard pressed to recreate is the joy of watching a musician’s face and body language while they perform.

Jed Luckless has happened across a way to cater to those who miss this aspect of the experience – and without impacting the pleasure of those who don’t. His performances, as with most other Second Life musicians, take place on the grid, through the medium of his avatar, and his fans chat and dance and enjoy the informal atmosphere and respond to his comments throughout. But for those who need their eyes to enjoy the music as well as their ears, he offers the option of watching his Grateful Dead, Phish and Led Zeppelin-influenced brand of gravel-voiced rock live on a video stream.”

Willow Caldera of New World Notes

Here is Jed’s official anouncement.

See you at the shows! if you get lost hollar at me I can tp you.

oh and do not miss the January 30th show that is at Hippiestock and you do not want to miss this Event. more info on that later

~ Owl

A new home for an Artists’ Village in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Campbell Coast, January 2021

Back in September 2020, I wrote about the Artists’ Village at Campbell Coast, operated by BJoyful and Doc Rast (rasterscan) and curated by Owl Dragonash.  Since that time, both Campbell Coast and the Village has relocated, the latter now forming a sky platform over the region.

Work recently completed on the relocation, which sees Campbell Coast offer a similar facility as found at the Phoenix Artists Collaboration – a collection of study-style spaces available to artists (group membership required), with up to 110 LI available per artist.

The studios are presented in town house style units with two floors of exhibition space (artists will need to install their own teleport systems between floors), with the studios laid out in blocks separated by cobbled streets and open spaces, complete with an open-air bar / event space at the southern end of the village.

Campbell Coast, January…

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A visit to an owl’s nest in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Eulennest, January 2021

Sitting on the southern coast of Corsica is small island occupying the south-western corner of Novatron is a small island called Eulennest (“owl nest”).

Held by Kitty (Kitten Mills) the island is home to a range of social venues Kitty has developed for public use. These include music events areas on the beach and up on the table of rock that forms the island, a  hidden water cistern, room to dock boats (the island can be reached by sailors) and to re-rez them, as well as numerous places to explore and / or to sit and enjoy the views.

Eulennest, January 2021

[Eulennest is] open for your events and parties – just book an appointment with Uli Jansma, register a DJ (you have to bring your own stream). If special decoration is desired or recitals are required, please contact Uli Jansma or Kitten Mills. It costs nothing!

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Giovanna: a welcome return to Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Giovanna Cerise at Campbell Coast

For several years, Giovanna Cerise was a name synonymous with engaging, evocative 3D art installations within Second Life. Her work – which I took considerable delight in exploring and writing about – encompassed many ideas, themes and narratives, often drawn from the physical world as much as her own thoughts and imagination, with some offering unique interpretations of classic pieces.

It was through the latter – a re-interpretation of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, presented in 2015 – that I became utterly captivated in Giovanna’s work (although I had encountered and appreciated it prior to that installation) – and remained so throughout the time she was creating in Second Life. Marvellously capturing the essence of the classic story of Tristan, knight of Cornwall, loyal to King Mark(e), and Isolde, Irish Princess, Giovnna offered key scenes from the story, beautifully interwoven into settings that offered visitors…

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