Painting the Summer in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Hoot Suite Gallery: Mareea Farrasco

Now open at the Hoot Suite Gallery, the boutique gallery in Bellisseria curated by Owl Dragonash, is an exhibition that reminds us that while getting out and about to enjoy the beauty of summer may not be easy because of a certain pandemic, better times will return for all of us to have the freedom to visit our favourite corner of a beach or wander through grassy meadows.

Painting the Summer is a charming exhibition of gently post-processed images by Mareea Farrasco that carries us away to that summer beach and those summer grasslands, and to coastal walks and more. views out over rolling surf to sail boats lying off the coast and geese waddling over course grass. Often framing her avatar in relaxed poses.

Hoot Suite Gallery: Mareea Farrasco

These are elegant images in their presentation and in the lightness of touch with…

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Do you want to feel the Summer Sun and hear some Live Music while engaging your mind’s eye? Join us Monday, July 27th.

Mareea Farrasco

“Painting Summer”

Exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery

July 26 – August 23rd

You are invited to the Opening Party 

Monday July 27th Noon – 1pm

The Vinnie show! will share his LIVE Music with us!

Here is a teleport to Hoot Suite Art Gallery.

Mareea Farrasco Art Party poster

Mareea has a love for pastels.

Her “Painting Summer” exhibit shows this love in a warm evocative sunny way. Each piece seems to bring to mind memories of summer past, a faded glimpse into a past. You can feel the sun on your face.

Do yourself the favor of coming to see this exhibit.

The pictures I create are small steps in the indefinite journey to myself. Join me and, who knows, you might find yourself

Mareea Farrasco

Mareea Farrasco has been in Second Life since 2009. 

She has shared many exhibits in Second Life, including one at the Living Room in 2016 written about here. In Inara Pey’s Modem World.

If you take the time to look back to the first page of her Flickr you can see the evolution of her photos to the refined dreamy style she shares now.

Mareea Farrasco on Flickr

Peeking in…

Mareea Owns IMAGO Art Gallry in Second life.

IMAGO is an ART & Culture area, displaying highly talented Artists and organizing fashion events. See IMAGO Art Gallery here.

Hope to see you at the opening Art Party!

The Vinnie Show is a delight. 

 was the Musician who Played Mareea’s art opening at the Living room in 2016 too. I think that is so great because Daallee and I had a lot of fun doing that then!

You can find the Vinnie Show on line at his website here.

Wow! It is really great to work all day , deep in the code Mines, and then get a taste of things that really make it all worthwhile. Thank you Vinnie

Simon Linden

Yeah this is an Art Opening  Party not to miss!

See you there 


Ps. If you take any photos please post them in Hoot Suite Art Gallery on Flickr.

Come see an Artistic jewel in the Blake Sea

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration or PAC for short, encourages Artists through the group, exhibits and gallery space to share their creativity.

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration has galleries at Holly kai and Cherished melody.

You can see who is exhibiting where on the PAC website

 “The Phoenix Artists Collaboration is a community of artists and patrons working together to promote and encourage artistic expression and creativity through and in second life” 

From the PAC website
Holly Kai Park photo by owl Dragonash

The Jewel of which I speak is Holly Kai park!

Holly Kai Park is an amazing place located in the Blake sea

and home to Arts since 2008.

Literally this island glimmers in the sea

surrounded by sailable waters and home to a lot of ART!

Currently Holly Kai is home to Seanchai Library, Caitinara Bar, Holly Kai Art Gallery, and The Phoenix Artists Collaboration (Pac).

Seanchai Library is the longest running group of Storytellers in Second life. 

 (pr. Shawn-a-kee) – A traditional Irish storyteller/historian.

Go look at their calender to see what is going on.

Caitinara Bar is the music and events area for Holly Kai Park.

(Grins .. I see what you did there)

To see what is happening join the Holly Kai Park & or Phoenix Artist Collaboration group.

Holly Kai Art Gallery is by invitation for exhibits. The space is large and can hold more than one Artists exhibits at a time. This Building is huge and inspiered by the LA Griffith Observatory. Both the LA and the Holly Kai Building are quite beautiful to see.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration offers 32 galleries here at Holly Kai.

The Pac Galleries at Holly Kai are 

East Galleries

North Galleries

Gallery Village

I just received a gallery location at Holly Kai through the 

Phoenix Art Collaboration group. I am so excited!

My initial exhibit includes a sailing theme and is open now.

I am in the North Galleries area. 

This gorgeous island in the sea devoted to Art is well worth your visit!

I hope to wander and explore many of the Artists works here. 

What I have seen so far is impressive.

 Smiles I had to share my excitement with you. Do come visit!

here is the tp to my Gallery.

~ Owl

Mistero HIfeng @ Holly Kai photo by owl

Hoot Suite Art Gallery is featuring an exhibit by Suzen Juel – June 22nd – July 19th

Checks & Dragonfys By Suzen Juel

I love this Woman’s talented Art & Music!

Suzen’s Art is bold bright and expressive, 
from wildness, to quirkiness, to intense. 
Always a pleasure to view! 
She travels through life with multi-hued fingers as her 
Art leads the way for her understanding of the world. 
Her art not only includes canvas and photography but Music too.
Suzen Juel was one of the first female musicians in Second life 
and the first to go down the road of Blues. 

Fairy By Suzen Juel

DO check out her Music events around the grid and Stop by Hoot Suit Art Gallery in Bellisseria.
Your TP to Hoot Suite Art Gallery!
Make sure you Pick up her bio and links at Hoot Suite 
and check her website for her Art & Live Music events!
Suzen Juel on the web
Suzen on Flickr
Suzen on Instagram

See you around the grid 

Celebrate the coming Solstice Glastonbury style with lots of LIVE music and some particle shows!

Glastonbelli name by Mattimo poster by Doc Rast

Glastonbelli is a Bellisseria summer Live Music festival!

Do join us to Celebrate the coming Solstice, Glastonbury style
at the pyramid stage lots of LIVE music and some particle shows!
June 16th & 17th
At the Bellisseria Fairgrounds 10 am – 4pm ish.
Click here for your tp to the show!

June 16th we feature:

10am The Vinnie show!
Acoustic goodness, with current favorites to Classic Rock,
Pop songs plus ORIGINALS. Be prepared to be completely entertained! 
See what else Vinnie is up to on  his Facebook page
or his Website The Vinnie Show.

11am lexus Melodie
This British singer-songwriter eases into her sound and
seduces you with her talented originals!
​See what else she is up to on her Facebook

12 pm Da5id Weatherwax
Da5id is a musician primarily in the folk tradition preference for
ballads and story songs, it’s very much a “living” tradition.
​See where he is playing on his Calendar.

1pm Larree Quixote
Larree’s multi-genre repertoire includes a variety of originals and covers spanning many decades.  
Larree Quixote is always 100% live for your listening pleasure.
More Larree on his website.

2pm – 4 pm Jed Luckless
Jed truly grabs the crowd, connecting the live energies and infusing the music
with passionate jams, cosmic drum solos and atmospheric spaces.
2 Hours of Jammin Jed! with
*** Moondance Parx particle show! 2-4pm
Come experience the magic of music, color and movement truly aligned!

See what else Jed is up to. on his website or Facebook.
See what Moondance Parx is doing join her group.

Photo by me

June 17th we feature more of Second Life’s finest Musicians:

10am The Vinnie show!
Vinnie always delivers great music, thoughtful originals, lots of laughs and all-around fun!
 See what else Vinnie is up to on  his Facebook page
or his Website The Vinnie Show.

11am Joe Paravane
San Francisco bay area singer songwriter Joe Rizzo ‘ aka Joe Paravane’ sings & performs
acoustic finger-picking guitar . He performs classic songs from early american roots folk
along with his own unique blend of original music. 
See what else Joe is up to on his website.

12 pm Baz (avantgarde.frequency)
Baz is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, recordist. His arrangements along with his humor make a Baz show a unique experience  for the ears, mind & soul.

1pm Suzen JueL Resistance
While expressing her artistic side and emotions through her music, words and art it emerges as a tapestry of color and sound. Suzen’s musical style is powerful, bold, sensual, earthy and wild!

2pm – 4pm Tukso Okey
TUKSO OKEY Seattle-based, Live-looping, one-man band, Tukso performs on multiple instruments, aided by a loop pedal, seamlessly improvising entire concerts. 
2 hours of TUKSO!
*** Moondance Parx particle show 2-4pm!
Listen to YOUR soul & respect YOUR talents/experience.
Moonie’s talents just happened to include development, mathematics
and an immense love for live music. 

Find More Tukso on his Facebook and Website.

Join us on the wild side!
Folks in Bellisseria know how to party!
Click here for your tp to the show!

See you at the festival!
This event is a Bjoy, Doc Rast & Owl production.
​Aries X 3.

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