Campbell Coast’s Artists Village Grand Opening Party!

Campbell Coast’s Artists Village Grand Opening.

Poster by Uli

Yes love is in the air and I am in love with this village of 42 Art Galleries.

Do bring your valentine or come solo and party with us and see the Art of Second Life’s extremely talented Artists.

** Hoot come celebrate the grand Opening

Campbell Coast Artists Village !

an Unveiling for a special surprise,

music , dancing and lots of art!!

Feb 14th at noon for the unveiling: ))))

12 pm Live Music by Suzen Juel 

1pm DJ Doc Rast

Your ride to Artists Village and the party!

Campbell Coast Artists Village is home for galleries of many amazing Artists Work.


Adwehe, Alex Riverstone, Anouk Lefavre, Audie Whimsy, Blues Rocker, Caly Applewhyte, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Charles Hera, CybeleMoon, David Silence, Dhyezl, Dido Haas, Dįmį Ļųdwįɠ, EtaMae, Eylinea Seabird, Gidgy Adagio, Giovanna Cerise, GoSpeed Rasere, Inara Pey, Jaz, Jed Luckless, John & ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴇsᴛ ʀᴏsᴄᴀ-ʜᴜɴᴛsᴍᴀɴ, Kat Heartsong, Kitty Mills, Larree Quixote, Lena Kiopak, Michiel Bechir, Nympheas.nogah, Owl Dragonash, Radagast Malaprop, Rey Charles, Shakti Adored, Skip Staheli (soon), Suzen Juel, Thomaz Blackburn, Traci, Trixie Bumbo, Uli Jansma, Whimsical Aristocrat 

Loose map of the village and who is where .. or see this directory.

Plan a bit of time and come wander you will feed your mind and soul. Thank you Bjoyful, Doc Rast and Kitty for making such a warm welcoming place!

Here is a link to the Artists galleries at Campbell Coast Artists Village

Your ride to Artists Village and the party!

A tip of the hat

The ever-creative, beautiful inside and out Owl Dragonash has invited me to contribute to her blog. I’m honored and flattered for many reasons.

First, as anyone who has ever met her knows, Owl has one of those spirits that just shines. She is authentic, caring and has an incisive perspective. We first met eight years ago through a mutual friend. It could have been awkward–it sometimes was, but there was always an honesty and a sincerity that kept us connected.

I was a newbie when I met Owl and someone showed me a picture of her in a gallery. I was stunned. It was my first introduction to SL art. She was (and is) incredibly artistic and beautiful. It was a beauty that didn’t rely on copying the latest trend or aping an accepted model, but one that was expressive and creative.

In RL, I am an arts journalist and advocate. In SL? I write about hats. I collect hats. I wear them always, and often my favorite comment is when someone says, “What is on your head?” As of this writing, I have 6,043 hats that I have sorted into my hats folder. I have more than that, but they aren’t sorted yet.

In SL, I also seek out whimsy, which is perhaps why I started collecting hats and my favorite ones are those that break the boundaries of what people perceive as a “hat.”

I once had a blog about hats, so I don’t think I will be writing only about hats here. Rather, I may be writing about those things that Owl inspires: Casting a fresh eye at SL and trying to seek out the beauty in it, the whimsy in it, the connections in it.

That said, my writing will be slow for awhile as RL has been overflowing with writing assignments and I’ll come here only when I’m caught up on deadlines. I am, though, looking forward to exploring with you!

Brigitta with something on her head.

Blues Rocker shares his exhibit “The Many Shades Of Blues” with us. An art exhibit that can lift your out of the blues.

Hoot Suite Art Gallery is happy to have the art of

Blues Rocker exhibiting

“The Many Shades Of Blues”

Opening February 8th featuring the live music of:

Suzen Juel @ 12 pm

Here is your Teleport to Blues exhibit and party

 Blues Rocker is exhibiting through March 6th

 “As for the creating of the photos, I much prefer shooting out on location in the multitude of amazing sims which populate SL than in a studio, as I feel I get much better results that way. Since starting seriously taking photographs in SL I have broadened my horizons in what wonders this virtual world has to offer. Really, the only limits are those of the imagination. “

Blues Rocker

“The Many Shades of Blues” presents a variety of Blues work from both of his lives. HIs style and sense of play brings us different techniques and different subject matter quite a varied show and exhibiting beautiful raw talent.

Who doesn’t love the Blues? I do!

Blues work can bring a smile as you find relatable pieces and feel his sense of play.

The Blue Guitar
The Blue Guitar by Blues Rocker 2021

Blues also has a space at Campbell Coast Artists Village please come see his work and come by the opening of the village Feb. 14th at noon.

When Daallee and I were curating the Living Room we had Blues exhibit April of 2016.

“The majority of pieces Bluerocker presents at The Living Room are avatar studies which marvellously demonstrate his ability to create a  rich narrative with a single image, making this a captivating display of his work”.

Inara Pey
Blues Rocker 2016 @ The LivingRoom Sl (closed)

You can also see Blues Rockers work at :

Blues Rocker portfolio

Blues Rocker SL 2020 Flickr

Hope you will join me at the show February 8th Monday at Noon for art and Music!

Here is your Teleport to Blues exhibit and party


Traci and Moni dual exhibit at the Midgard gallery. Come view these two very different exhibits and what they have in common.


My first exposure to Traci’s work was  at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery after reading about her in Inara Pey – Living in a modem world blog post. “Camouflage” was quite an impressive exhibit of depth and layered meaning. Traci also has a space at Campbell Coast Artists Village and you can follow her on Flickr.

February 7th at 12 pm

A joined exhibition Moni & Traci at the Midgard gallery.

Here is your teleport to the exhibit.


Traci’s art n this exhibit is titled “Crash”.

Her vivid layered moments for me bring together a bit of thrill of initial fear before it becomes horrific along a sharp reality. This exhibit is a bit out of my comfort zone, the subject matter is a reality and the sensuality of the pieces soften the edges. Interestingly to me his Traci’s layered approach to her Art. First noticed in Camouflage and a little deeper in Crash. These layers onion like in their unfolding seem to reveal bits of who Traci is while sharing insight through her art form.

Traci Crash 006 not for sale

“There is always an argument as to whether beautiful art can be made from horrible things, and ‘Crash’, although not beautiful, is at least an attempt to see things differently with the passing of time”



Monique Beebe is another Artist I was exposed to at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery, with her exhibit “Sensuality” 2017 covered by Inara Pey here. This exhibit was sensuous in her use of pose and expression. You can see Moni’s work on her fickr.


Moni’s exhibit includes her signature ability to portray emotion in her work through pose and style as well as bunny rabbit shots. OMG love these Bunny shots, Moni shares a bit of surrealism with us with these four shots, white rabbits, condidence, saying bye, and hunting rabbits. Moni uses the same stye of portraying confidence, sensuality and emotion while their faces are covered n Bunny masks.

I could not find a notecard specifically for Moni’s exhibit. Her work is beautiful and if you have seen her earlier work you can see how much her skill has grown.

surrealism not in exhibit but part of series Moni Beebe’s work

What do these two very different Exhibits have in common?

I found that emotion and expression are the smiler bits connecting both exhibits both women are very skilled at showing emotion in their Art.

Do take the time to go see these two amazing strong Women’s artwork!

here is a teleport to Midgard Gallery

See you at the Opening or around the grid. Hoot

~ Owl

Giovanna Cerise exhibits “Traces” @ PAC exposing the threads to her creative heart. Do take the time see her work. It is worth it!

Giovanna Cerise exhibits “Traces” @ Phoenix Arts Collaboration.

The first of PAC’s Feature Artist exhibitions at the Cherished Melody location

brings us Giovanna Cerise with her solo exhibit


Opening February 6th at 1.00 pm slt.

“Music with Joachim Gustav from 1:15”

Do take the time to see this very skilled Artist’s exhibit and come party at the opening.

here is your teleport

Giovanna comes at her art from a literary and musical perspective.

These diverse works seem to represent Giovanna’s evolution artistically from simple through intense. Each very much a work of ART.

I am sure we all ‘get” something different from each Artists works. To me this exhibit seems to reflect the myriad of journeys with in each life.A thread traced to its center revealing a glimpse of what speaks to Giovanna’s artistic heart.

It would be interesting to hear what you “get” from this exhibit. Please feel free to comment or tell me.

photo of Saudade by Giiovanna Cerise
(this looks much cooler and moves in person (pixel))

Giovanna Cerise has recently returned to the Second Life art world, and wow! I am so glad she did. Campbell Coast Artists Village is lucky enough to have a Gallery full of her amazing, intense work hosted in it!💜

To read more about Giovanna Cerise and her artistic journey check out her blog here.

To read more about the “Traces” exhibit – Inara Pey’s piece on the PAC blog here.

Some of Giovanna’s work at Campbell Coast

This Artist is one to watch, not only does she have great works behind her but many more in front of her too. In a word superb!

See you at the opening!


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