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A variety of Blogs & Websites covering well anything. Art, Music, Communities, Opinions, News, Places, How to’s, Style, Avatars, Second Life.

Ghosts of Jericho a Sim Quarterly Installation by Elizabeth Jewell photo by Owl


ARTIKLE – Wiski Oh – Art reviews

Art Venues of Second Life

Bellisseria Citizens Group

BBB Gazette – Bellisserian bureau of bureaucracy!

Bellisseria Life – Bellisseria community

Bellisseria Parade of Homes Review – by Prudence Anton

Beq’s techy Blog – Second Life Adventures in Building, Coding & Debugging.

Bryn Oh – Art

Caits World – Love, life and other adventures in Second Life®

Calas Galadhon Park – Bringing the beauty of our natural world into Second Life

Calys wardrobe – Fashion ( Calypso Applewhyte)

Ceakay BallyhooA Second Life where imagination runs free

Ciaran Laval -Just another unauthorised virtual world fansite

Core – Rachel Swallows

Cybel Moon – The runes of the gatekeeper’s daughter

Daniel Voyager – Second Life news and adventures

DimiVan Ludwig – Musician

Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog – Our World

DiXmix Gallery – Art

Doc Rast – DJ & 24/7 stream

Doll’s and Demon’s – Fashion ( Alles Klaar)

Dreamer’s Virtual World – Sales, Bellisseria, destinations

Eupalinos Ugajin– is playing in virtual worlds.

Exploring SL with Dido – fashion, friends, dancing, fun and More

Fantasy Faire

Fab Free

Fiona Fei – Portfolio

Firestorm viewer

Focus magazine & Galleries

Gospeed Rasere – Author

Grid Affairs – events

Helping Haven – Gateway to Second Life & Help

What the Huck – Huckleberry Hax

Inara Pey: Living In a Modem World – Second Life, virtual worlds and virtual reality

Itakos Art project Gallery – Living Art in Secondlife

James Olmos – Musician

Kultivate – Magazine, Art & Music

Limoncello News – Art

Loki Eliot – digital Mischief maker


Magnolia Masquerade – The Magic of Roleplay in Second Life

Mainland Tours –  Yukiko Yeshto 

New World Notes – wagner james au reports on virtual worlds, vr & internet culture

NIGHTYNINE Faces – Where Virtual and Non – Virtual meet – (Yoon)

OBLEE – Musician

Passport to Bellissaria – Cranston Travels the Grid!

Played recently – A Second life Music Blog

Prim Perfect – the magazine for homes and gardens in virtual worlds

Roy Mildor – be cool – be tough – since 2010 (Men’s Fashion and great photos)

Ryan Schultz – News and Views on Social VR, Virtual Worlds, and the Metaverse

Second Life Endowment for the Arts

Second Life Newsersource of news, people, places, things,events across Second Life.

Second Sighting – Ricco Saenz -journey in Second Life

Second Thoughts – Prokofy

Seraphim – premier second life shopping resource

Shannon Oherlihy (Mcmahon) – Musician

Sisters in Sl – Empowering Women across the Sl grid

Strawberry Sing – Virtual world explorer, blogger & blogger

Surf Sl – all things Sl surfing!

Suzen Juel – Artist & Musician

Thar she blows

The Adventures of Skippy

The Barefoot Wahine – surfing!

The Carbone Studio

The Drax Files -broadcasting from a basement somewhere in the metaverse 

The Glamour Sauce – SL FASHION, THINGS & STUFF

The Second Life of Angelus Van Engelen

The SL Hotel Inspector

The SLuggleA lifestyle blog for Second Life.

The Soulful – A Sl travel and adventure Blog with Soul

Threads and Tunage

Sinful Retreat – Art -Welcome to this world of incongruent realities

Toggle for Music

Top 60 Second Life Blogs on Feedspot

Tukso Okey – Musician

Virtualitya virtual explorer point of view

Winston Ackland – Musician