Eulennest poster by Uli Jansma


Gallery- Café – Restaurant

Located in the linden ocean off the coast of Corsica this jewel is a wonderful place!

Owl’s Nest Art Gallery features well-known artists from SL exhibiting their works there for 2 months. Please contact Owl Dragonash.

Anouk Lefavre exhibited December 24th – January 24th Café open 24 hours

Also home to the newly Opened Pier 7 club

DJ Uli on air ♥
Dj Uli playing @ Pier 7

The event board in the inner courtyard will inform you about regular events and activities. Fishing Competitions happen here often using the [N-O] Grid Wide Sport Fishing Game

There are various party locations at Eulennest:- the inner courtyard, – the cistern,- Party place on the beach,- big stage on the beach,- small stage on the beach (for solo performances or beach parties)

You can also simply use the owl nest for: Meeting with friends or getting to know new ones,Dining in the restaurant (extensive and delicious offer), Playing Greedy, Eating ice cream, play volleyball or football on the beach,Surfing or jet skiing (Rezzer in the harbor jetty opposite the south side),try out your own watercraft – Rezone in harbor, explore the area by rowing / motorboat (Rezzer in the harbor at the jetty north side),or just chill out – you will find cosy places everywhere on the island.

owls nest
Photo of Eulennest by Kitty Mills

 *Owl’s nest* can be reached by boat, but you can also use the airport at 700m above sea level with teleport to the Owl’s nest. or of course the boring way by teleport?

Uli Jansma & Kitty Mills & Owl Dragonash welcome you!

Here is a Teleport to Eulennest in Second Life

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