Owl’s Bio

Hoot Iam Owl Dragonash.

Owl, Faun, Elf, Dragon, Woman in Sl since 2007

I enjoy snapping photos and playing with them.  I am not trained or a professional anything, just having fun and playing as I learn.

You can often find me exploring Second life‘s builds, dancing at Live Music shows, enjoying Art exhibits, hanging out with Friends, and boating around Bellisseria, Corsica and the Blake Sea.

My photo Galleries can be found

Owl Dragonash @ Cherished Melody & Phoenix Art Collaboraton

Owl’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast Artists Village

Galleries I help curate include

Hoot Suite Art Gallery in Bellisseria

Eulennest Art Gallery @ Owl’s Nest

The Galleries @ Campbell Coast Village

I am also on :




Some Press 🦉

September 2021 – Owl at Hoot Suite In Second Life.

Inara Pey on Her blog Modem World

Angelus Van Engelen interviewed me – Second Life Our Passion Jan. 13th 2021

Owl Dragonash has been a long-term patron of the arts in Second Life. She has supported artists through her curation of multiple art spaces, including most recently her own Hoot Suite Gallery, and she has done much to promote live music in Second Life, as well a providing huge support for a range of arts groups and locations in-world.

Inara Pey

Modem World – Inara Pey’s review of “Travel Past & Present ” Nov. 16 2020

photo by Angelus

Interviewed by Angelus van Engelen Jan 13th 2021

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