Beach by Dhyezl

Dhyezl has only been n Second Life since 2018.

In this short time he has become a photography name people recognize. His work shares a depth of dialog. Each piece shares a story left up to the viewer to interpret.

Dhyezl completed a course in photography improving his skills and techniques in Second Life which led to the offers of gallery exhibitions.

His Photography Art has become the medium through which he expresses his journey through Second Life.

Dhyezl has exhibited at:

*Ani’s Gallery

* Perfect Harmony Art Gallery

*Rainbow painter Art Gallery

*Phoenix Arts Collaboration

Dhyezl’s Gallery @ Campbell Coast Artists Village

This is the article that encouraged me to go see Dhyezl’s work. He was exhibiting at ANI’S GALLERY click here to see the article by Inara Pey.

See what else Dhyezl is up to through his Flickr click here.

Rest under Copper River's sun
Rest under Copper River’s sun by Dhyezl

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