Talking Over “Things” with Traci Ultsch

Traci interviewed bt Art. Korner!

Art Korner

Traci Ultsch gets candid as she talks about her latest exhibition “Things” with Dido Haas; she also opens up about her struggles with identity and how they have inspired and influenced her art.

“Can our life be summed up by the things we own?”

This was the question that got artists Traci Ultsch and Dido Haas thinking about which things in their life could be considered an inherent part of them. This talk sparked the creation of an incredible exhibition “Things” which is displayed at Dido’s Part of the Nitroglobus Gallery. It consists of eight brilliant works of art – four each by Dido and Traci.

“Dido and I try to do an extra exhibit each month”, says Traci, as we get talking. “We are close friends, and its always nice to work with her. She frees me up a bit and we bounce ideas off each other…

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